The LHK Difference

Four key guiding principles for every project:

  • Involvement of our senior staff in all phases of your project
  • Innovation in the approaches used to address your specific needs
  • The Integrity of our research methods and practices to achieve outcomes you can rely on
  • Insight that is focused on action

All delivered with unparalleled customer service!


Every project is managed by a team of research professionals led by one of our senior staff members. We firmly believe in the team approach. In fact, most of our project design “brainstorming” is conducted utilizing all members of the team including senior management, project managers, programmers, data reduction specialists, analysts and report writers.

Additionally, our team approach insures you have multiple contacts should you have any questions. You can always reach a team member who can get you the information you need quickly and reliably.


 At LHK Partners we don’t try to fit a “square peg” into a “round hole”! We approach each study with an open mind, looking for the best solution that will deliver your project on-time and on-budget. Every project has unique challenges. Whether it’s the type of information that needs to be collected, a quick turnaround of results, or locating a hard to reach audience, LHK Partners will design the optimal combination of survey instrument, data collection technique and analysis to meet your needs. We are constantly exploring new and innovative technologies, research approaches and improved methods of displaying results to enhance our ability to deliver projects on-time, on-budget and on-target. 


 Quality is paramount at LHK Partners! Our penchant for quality extends into every phase of the research process from design through analysis. Our systems are all engineered with redundant quality checks to insure that the appropriate questions are being asked of the right respondents and the data are being coded and processed accurately. We firmly believe that every good research project starts with sound sampling practices. We take great care to insure that the highest sampling standards are used for your projects. In fact, the quality of one of our projects is audited annually by Ernst & Young for MRC accreditation; a very rigorous process. We are extremely proud to have earned MRC accreditation every year since the audit began in 1997.


 At LHK Partners we work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand the objectives of the research and find out what type of report would be best suited for the audience that will receive and review the results. Length, depth and tone are just of few of the areas we probe with you prior to putting a report together. We strive to report the findings in a concise and easy to understand manner with actionable conclusions. Our long term goal is to be able to deliver reports that you can pass on directly to your internal clients without any additional editing…thus saving you time.